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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   By AAlsop
    After being an Apple customer for many years, NO MORE! The service I received in the Chapelfield store was disgraceful. I recently purchased an iPhone 7 with apple care on a finance upgrade scheme with this store and within the 14 day cooling of period I had to claim accidental damage. Wanting to return the phone originally anyway as I had found a much cheaper & better deal elsewhere with another manufacturer (ehem Samsung), I went into the store to return the item. Upon being greeted by these so called "genius's" I was told very abruptly and rudely that I had no chance of getting the phone returned or cancelling the finance contract as I had to claim accidental damage. Not only was this breaking the 14 day cooling off period but none of this was explained originally when signing up. I then decided to ring the Norwich branch a day later to speak to the manager. For 3 days I was promised that he would call me back and was dealing with my complaint, to which he didn't even bother. Finally I decided to go back into the store again and speak to this (so called) manager face to face. Upon meeting him he was very rude, ignorant and unhelpful and had absolutely no intention of helping me. And seemed more bothered about reading from a script rather than actually thinking for himself. In the end I just gave up a walked out leaving very frustrated by the whole experience. I wouldn't advise anyone ever use this store or Apple in general if this is the way they choose to treat there loyal customers. It seems when they want to sell you something they'll bend over backwards for you, but when you want some help there not interested whatsoever.

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